Residential Services

We Offer Residential Trash & Recycling Service to the Cloquet Area

Cloquet Sanitary has been providing quality service to residents since 1953!

Whatever your needs, we have service for you!

We provide weekly trash service and offer our customers a choice of cart size 35-gallon, 65-gallon, or 95- gallon. (Note: Can they have more than 1?)

Recycling service is provided every other week and customers are given a 65-gallon cart. 

Our Service Area

Unacceptable Trash Items





If you are looking to get rid of the items mentioned above, you will need to schedule a special pick-up. Call us at (218) 879-3723 or use our Contact Us Form. Visit our Special Pickup Page for more information. 

For information on yard waste, contact the City of Cloquet or visit WLSSD to learn more about how you can dispose of unacceptable materials.