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Recycling Cloquet Sanitary


Residential Recycling Cloquet Sanitation Services Residential Trash Service 96 gallon carts

Residential & Commercial Recycling Cart Sizes

Here at Cloquet we offer a 65 GALLON Recycling Cart for your recycling needs!

  • Recycling is picked up every other week. 
For information about commercial recycling, call us at (218) 879-3723 or use our Contact Us Form. 

What can you Recycle?

Cardboard Recycling Cloquet Sanitary

Paper Recycling

Acceptable Items

Newspapers(including all inserts,) magazines, catalogs, telephone books, office/computer paper, envelopes, mail, chipboard/paperboard (like cereal boxes) and corrugated cardboard.

If the cardboard does not fit in the recycling cart, cut into 2′ x 2′ pieces, flatten, and place next to the cart.

Plastic Recycling Cloquet Sanitary

Plastic Recycling​

Acceptable Items

Bottles and containers with #1 – #7 on the bottom (discard pumps).

NO PLASTIC BAGS  will be accepted.

Recycling Tin Cloquet Sanitary

Tin and Aluminum​


Tin and Aluminum food or beverage containers are recyclable, as well as empty aerosol cans (please remove plastic tips).

Recycling Glass Cloquet Sanitary

Glass Recycling

Acceptable Items

Only clear, brown and green colored bottles and jars are accepted. Please remove caps/lids and place in the garbage. 


For more tips and information about recycling visit the EPA’s Recycling 101 web page. 

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